A Journey of Passion and Purpose

After graduating with a BA in Sociology from University at Buffalo (UB), Sabila worked several part-time jobs in various fields hoping to discover her passion.

During this stage of self-discovery, Sabila became a tutor for Primary and Secondary school students, where she developed her love for imparting knowledge on to youths.

Although these jobs may have been of interest to her, something still felt adrift. Thus, she was forced to go back to the drawing board. It eventually came to a point where Sabila was re-evaluating her life once again, and she realised that she wanted to be a part of something that had a significant impact.

Sabila then chanced upon an advertisement for the position of an Enrichment Consultant from C’ignature, a company that offers a holistic range of training programmes to aid student development.

I believe that although conventional school subjects such as Math and English are important, experiential learning is equally important. And being able to drive that purpose is a privilege.

As an Enrichment Consultant in C’ignature, Sabila works closely with school leaders to plan a wide range of non-academic programmes such as, Elective Modules, Visual Arts, Sports and Outdoor programmes that complement the Ministry of Education’s holistic education objective.

Similar to how teachers impart knowledge on to students, Sabila uses the platform that she has to create opportunities for students to discover their passions and interests, albeit in a different way.

It’s not exactly a walk in the park, but seeing the smile on the faces of teachers and students makes everything seem worthwhile for her.

It showed me the impact that I could have on the lives of others in discovering their passion and dreams.

Be part of enriching the lives of others

Sabila is an Enrichment Consultant, serving the east zone schools in Singapore. To find out more about C’ignature Group, visit our website or find us on Facebook or Instagram.

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