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Our values in action

We are committed to helping our learners reach their goals, to personalising their experiences, providing an innovative environment, and to making a difference in their lives.

At C’ignature, we strive to inspire others with our values so that they will aspire to achieve their very own goals!

What our clients say

"Throughout the module, C'ignature is not about being the best but it's about helping each and every one of my students to give their best. It is one of the few companies who serve with a strong sense of social responsibility. Kudos!"
Unity Secondary School (2016)
"Every single details of the entire programme were attended to and students' desired learning outcomes of the programmes were achieved. I would not hesitate to recommend C’ignature Enrichment Group to other schools."
Mrs Tan
Pioneer Secondary School (2016)
"Initially the students were quite reluctant. But the trainer is very engaging and able to get the students interested in the module. Thank you so much for the great job."
Ms Ang
Hong Kah Secondary School (2016)

Our Past Clients

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