About Us

Creating value and making a difference

Here at C’ignature we believe in cultivating every learners’ passion, and ultimately turning it into purpose. We offer a holistic range of programmes for schools, working in collaboration with national bodies for funding and industrial partners to offer programmes for students.

All programmes are developed through constant research and development by our team of dedicated curriculum specialists customised to the needs of schools.

Our Mission

Pupils: Creating values and making a difference in lives through our training and programmes

People: Creating a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be

Partners: Nurturing an established network of customers and suppliers, creating mutual trust and enduring values

Productivity: Being a highly effective, lean, responsive and fast-moving customer-centric organization

Our Vision

To inspire, create value and make a difference in the lives of our students through our holistic training programmes.


Enrichment Consultants

The team of dedicated Enrichment Consultants reach out to schools tirelessly with our range of innovative programmes and work in consultation with school leaders to conceptualise and package customised programmes that impact students positively. Enrichment Consultants make use of their corporate experiences and networks to establish collaborative partnerships with external organizations and enable schools to achieve various programme objectives.

Service Quality Consultants

The team of dedicated Service Quality Consultants work with trainers as well as teachers and ensure quality delivery of programmes. Service Quality Consultants assist Enrichment Consultants to manage programmes from the commencement of training programmes to the successful completion, ensuring that every logistical need, coordination and requirements of schools are met.

Programme Consultants and Trainers


The team of dedicated Enrichment Consultants focus on constant research and development in line with the Ministry of Education’s guidelines to deliver current and innovative programmes that meet the needs of students. The team of Programme Consultants are experts in their respective fields and are supported by a pool of talented and committed trainers to deliver engaging and impactful experiences to students.

Our committed team of Trainers go through a mandatory “Train- The-Trainers” in-house training before they are deployed in schools for teaching engagements. Trainers also undergo regular skills upgrading workshops conducted by our Programme team.

Our 3C Values


By being consistent, we ensure that we always deliver only the very best.


Creativity allows you to see things from a new perspective and better deal with problems.


We turn up, show up and follow through by staying committed to our mission and vision.

Impacting lives everyday

We have been running holistic enrichment programmes and workshops since 2012 for

We ensure that all our programmes and workshops are consistent so that it fits your needs and achieve the desired outcome

We solve your problems creatively and ensure that our solutions are effective in achieving your goals.

Here at C’ignature we strive to provide nothing but the best in holistic enrichment that not only involves experiential learning, but fully committing to achieve your goals while ensuring we commit to our mission.

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