Funded Programmes

For schools under the Ministry of Education (MOE), National Arts Council (NAC) and Singapore Sports Council (SSC) have provided a specialised funding for MOE schools to provide their students with enrichment programmes outside of their curriculum. These funded programmes range from visual arts to media, as well as sports of all types.

You can view our list of Arts Education Programmes (NAC-AEP) and Sports Education Programmes (SSC-SEP) here:

Our Programmes


Our preschool programmes are carefully curated to provide the best enrichment experience for young minds to grow.


Primary school programmes range from music to social etiquette workshops, which also include Arts Education Programmes (AEP) and Sports Education Programmes (SEP).


From Education Career Guidance (ECG) programmes to Study Skills workshops, our Secondary school programmes are spanned across a wide range of different disciplines.


Targeted at young adults, our Tertiary programmes range from Lifeskills to Effective Communications. However, we also provide Team Building and Social Etiquette workshops.


Plan for your school enrichment programmes with the C'ignature team

C’ignature Group offers a holistic range of programmes for schools, working in collaboration with national bodies for funding and industrial partners to offer programmes for students. All programmes are developed through constant research and development by our team of dedicated curriculum specialists and customised to the needs of schools

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