C’ignature MEDIA programmes are designed in line with the direction set by the Ministry of Education’s broad objectives. Our programmes consist of a range of film and multimedia as well as fusion of the aesthetics into IT platforms for students. Gaining proficiency in media literacy and up to date application platforms commonly used in organization work are also available in our training programmes to prepare students for real work environments.

Seeing, Expressing and Appreciating

Featured MEDIA Programme

C’ignature Media hopes to be able to transform and enrich the learning environment for our students and equip the next generation with skills and competencies to succeed in a knowledge economy.


Our highly interactive animation series introduce students to the wonders of the animation industry. From conceptualizing a story, developing interesting characters and building them with clay, creating colourful sets and props, to planning camera angles and experimenting with lighting, students will be able to flaunt their creativity in various aspects.

Upcycling Art


Our Media Integrated Project Work exposes students to different forms of media such as Microsoft office and Google platforms to equip students with in project management, school assignments and presentations in school. 

Mural Art


Our photography and film series programme introduce students to the basics of DSLR camera handling techniques, the principles of photography, and how to manoeuvre around with a standard kit DSLR to create intriguing photographs. Instructors will also impart advanced techniques of DSLR functions to students by providing in depth knowledge of photography techniques, manual functions of the DSLR camera as well as experimenting with varied lighting conditions and camera angles.

Other Programmes

  • 2D animation with Scratch
  • 3D Pen Drawing
  • Animator: Frame by Frame
  • Branding Perfect
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Coding with Micro:bit
  • Content and Branding
  • Create a Clip: Advertisements
  • Create a Clip: Documentary
  • Create a Clip: Drama
  • Digital Art
  • Digital Art Movements
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Portfolio
  • Digital Videography
  • Drone Photography Videography
  • DSLR 101
  • DSLR Plus
  • Game App
  • Game Development
  • Google Life
  • Graphic Design and Advertising
  • Light Graffiti
  • Mobile Application
  • Office Life
  • Photojournalism
  • Positively Facebook
  • Smartphone Photography
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Storybook Illustration
  • Text Animation with After Effects
  • Thinking with Type
  • Virtual Reality
  • Web App
  • Young Illustrators


  • Animator: Sandmation
  • Lens Culture (Advanced)
  • Make Your Mark 
  • Poster Perfect
  • Short Stories 
  • Snap A Shot (Basic)
  • Stop Motion 101
  • Lens Culture
  • Light Graffiti
  • Young Illustrators



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